Ironwood Ridge
Project Graduation
A Safe and Sober Graduation Night Celebration

Project Graduation Sponsors and Donors
Thank You!
Project Graduation is a gift that our community gives to our graduating seniors. Our goal is to provide a fun and safe graduation night for all of your graduates.
We couldn't do it without you!


  1. Pima County Attorney's Office
    Pima County Attorney's Office
  2. State Farm
    State Farm
  3. IRHS Student Government
    IRHS Student Government
  4. Kai Family Foundation
    Kai Family Foundation
  1. Walmart
  2. Kyle Franks Foundation
    Kyle Franks Foundation
  3. Benevity Community Impact
    Benevity Community Impact
  4. Home Depot
    Home Depot
  1. Arbuckle's Coffee
    Arbuckle's Coffee
  2. Bakehouse Bread
    Bakehouse Bread
  3. Chipolte
  4. Jim Click Automotive
    Jim Click Automotive
  1. Bubb's Grub
    Bubb's Grub
  2. Village Bakehouse
    Village Bakehouse
  3. Tucson Tamale
    Tucson Tamale
  4. Lennar Homes
    Lennar Homes
  1. In N Out
    In N Out
  2. Dunkin Donuts
    Dunkin Donuts
  3. Bashas
  4. Mimi's Cafe
    Mimi's Cafe
  1. Frost
  2. Papa John's
    Papa John's
  3. Jersey Mike's
    Jersey Mike's
  4. Fry's
  1. Safeway
Stan Winetrobe Memorial Fund
Monatary and In-Kind Donations
Thank you to all of our donors!!

​​Stan Winetrobe was a long time supporter and volunteer at Project Graduation. This fund was established by his family to provide tickets to Project Grad to students who may not be able to attend due to finacial hardship.

Michell Bartell
Kyle Franks Foundation
Dan and Christine Fapp
Debbie Farnall
Chrissy Flading
Hope and Gallen Goldsmith
Kelly Greim
Elain Hernandez
​Nicloe Leeman
Wendy Lemke
Zoe Lemme
Litten Family

Paul Loomis
Mayerle Family
John and Hennifer Otto
Katie Parks
 Erica Rokop
Rhonda Valentino

Marge Adler
Jane Borg
Michael and Stacey Campisi,  
in memory of Maverick
Denise Calhoun
Ed and Michell Dunlap
Judy Esbit
Kyle Franks Foundation
John Fung
Denise Gavron
Shannon Gleckler
 Peter and Connie Gullman
Pat and Hatsumi Halgiwara
Cindy Heckman
Lindsey Hunter
Pauline Kaku
Brooke Kingston
Robert and Lori Lepore
Cyndi Luhtala

Mancini Family

June Marionoff
Nancy McKearney
Michelle and Ray Ann Morgan
Dee Olson
Frank Powers
Masha Price
Errol and Paula Rafal
Roger and Lindsey Smith
Takaki Family
Phil and Niki Tillicki
Debbie Van Cleve
Mary Watson
Shanna Weagle
John and Francis Weinzettle
Bonnie Widdes
Dana, Hailey and Carly Winetrobe